May 5, 2022 a

MICHEL MATIS – was born in Switzerland in 1946. He holds a degree from the Art School of La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland.

Orphan with a difficult youth, in 1961, a capital meeting with the famous artist-painter Georges Mathieu will change his life and inspire his painting.

He opened his studio in 1967 in Vésenaz, from which one could not leave without having met all the Geneva jet-set there and in this crazy era of the “Petit-bar” where all the “luxury idlers” according to his own expression, were going to redo the world in front of a glass. He will participate in numerous collective or personal exhibitions in several European countries such as France, Portugal but also in China and of course in Switzerland.

His works are part of the collections of the French State and have been exhibited in Beaubourg (Centre Georges Pompidou). Famous personalities, such as Charles Aznavour, Petula Clark, a few crowned heads and many others stopped by his studio to discover and acquire his paintings.

His sober and personal painting is a bridge between several cultures following his many trips around the world and especially in China. He is inspired by Calder, Miro and the dripping technique of Georges Mathieu to whom he has great admiration. Through lyrical abstraction Matis expresses his truth: “Art is only a modest and ephemeral testimony of humanity”.